Go the distance

Good mooooooorning 2017!

Wotcher, everyone! So. I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere for about a month. How have you been? This is going to be freestyle, from me to you, no fancy stuff. Also, I’m writing this in bed at 1.23 in the morning, on my iPhone, with Betty looking over my shoulder. Say hi to Betty.


So there.

I have had good reason to disappear, though, and I bring back some amazing news. My wonderful partner is here with me, in the little nest I’ve been building for us in our little corner of Canada since September. Okay, so it’s amazing news for me. Deal with it.

Our story began in the summer of 2014, when we came across each other on the amazing forums of asexuality.org (which is not, repeat not, a dating site, because they have minors on here and can’t monitor every… whoops). We talked and talked about everything and it turns out that’s how you tend to fall in love with people. Well, that’s how *I* tend to fall in love with people anyway.

Some people will swear to you that long distance relationships never work out. That’s because some people conflate the impossibility of a long distance relationship *for them* with a scientific, all-encompassing-applies-to-me-so-it-must-apply-to-everything sort of truth.

I’m sure it wouldn’t work for everyone. Maybe the fact that we are both asexual makes it easier for us to go fifteen months without touching each other. Whatever the reasons, it worked for us.

Which does not mean it was easy every day. Sometimes it was really hard not to be able to hug or hold hands or just give each other a reassuring pat on the arm.

Sometimes people would dismiss our relationship. It’s not serious, they haven’t even met yet. It’s not serious, they’ve only spent two weeks together. You don’t really know anything about him until you’ve met him in the flesh.

Phil and I have been together for two years and four months. But as far as some people are concerned, Phil and I have been together for six weeks.

As far as I’m concerned, though, there is nothing I would change about how our relationship started out and blossomed. I wouldn’t change the distance. I wouldn’t change the online chats. They are part of us now and they made us, a couple of introverts, into Us: a Couple of Introverts.

But, while I wouldn’t change anything, the time had come to live together for a significant amount of time. So on December 3rd, I picked up my fiancé at the airport (funny story, that, but not for tonight) and we went home together.

So there you have it. This is my excuse for abandoning you for a month. A jolly good excuse, too, if you ask me.

However, this isn’t an end to anything. This is a new start, for a new year. And in keeping with the spirit of the season, I would like to commit to more writing, more blogging, and hopefully less lonely nights.

Much love and season’s greetings, my lovelies.