Hullo, there, my blogging peeps!

So I have a question for you. As someone who is new to the whole blog extravaganza, I sometimes find myself wondering if certain things are okay to do or if I might commit an irreparable faux pas.

Should you ask for permission before reblogging something? Is mentioning trademarks okay? Is showing pictures of trademarks okay? Should I ask the author before reviewing a book?

See? The simplest things, in the mind of an anxious person, become huuuuge dilemmas. So this is me, inviting you to share your thoughts on blogging etiquette. I want to know about your practices, your experiences. Knock yourselves out! But hey, be nice, yeah? I’ll be nice right back 😉


2 thoughts on “Blogging etiquette?

  1. Gwen, I understand. Being aware as you are is the basis of good practice. Q1. Reblogging: do ask. Give author’s name and link to original. Q2-3. Mentioning trademarks and showing them: depends on context. If they are the topic of your blog post, maybe, but if in doubt don’t. Q4. You do not need an author’s permission to review a book. We love reviews. Especially on Amazon. Best luck!

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