Breathe. And write.

Wonderful first blog from my very good friend Sam. Enjoy and be sure to follow Sam’s blog for more beautiful words and worlds!

Sam's Words And Worlds

So. Here I am.

Facing my computer, my hands on the keyboard, trying to figure out what to say, and what to write, and how to write it. It used to be so easy. Words flowing out of me, pouring under my fingers, in a chaotic yet sublime whirlwind. A magnificent maelstrom of feelings, swirling and frothing deep within me. And it was so glorious.

It was a drug, an addiction, but more than that, it was a need. A most basic, instinctual need. As critical as breathing. As vital as the beating of my heart. I had to write. I simply had to. Because an absurd part of me was afraid that I would die if I didn’t. But it never felt absurd, or wrong. It felt safe, and wondrous, but most importantly, it felt right. So I would write. Anything, and everything. So long as I could write…

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